10 Great Reasons To Walk Everyday

1. Maintain a healthy weight and lose body fat

Maintain a healthy weight and lose body fat

Walking is one of the most important keys to losing body fat and maintaining a healthy weight. It is true that walking may not burn many calories as running does. But if an individual continues to walk every day then anyone can feel the difference. The best part of walking is that you need not have to tire yourself running on a treadmill and sweat your whole body. Regular walking increases metabolism by burning extra calories from the body. If you start walking every day then set the time, and later increase the time by 10 minutes every day. It is important to walk for at least 30 minutes a day. As a result, it will burn all the fat in the body which will lead to making you healthy.


2. Improve your sleep

Improve your sleep

If you are facing problems at night getting good sleep then you should walk every day. It is been recommended to walk for at least 30 to 45 minutes every day, as the body physically gets active and naturally it boots the effect of melatonin, the sleep hormone which helps control your sleep cycle. Daily walking has a significant positive impact on sleep quality and length of sleep.


3. Improve your immune system

Improve your immune system

Do you know the immune system is so important for living a healthy life, If immunity is good you will not often get ill. Walking helps to improve the immune system as it increases the number of immune cells in our body that attack pathogens, which actually lowers the risk of becoming seriously ill from infectious diseases. In case you get sick walking helps to get a speedy recovery.


4. Activate your digestive system

Activate your digestive system

Whether you were knowing walking is one of the post-meal exercises that you can do. Walking can actually activate the digestive system as it moves. This movement develops the digestive tract to contract, as it allows the passage of food as well as waste through the intestines. It effectively makes more regular bowel movements. Waking leads to faster digestion as it will have lower stomach problems.


5. Reduces the joint pain

Reduces the joint pain

As you get older bone density decreases naturally, as walking increases blood flow to tense areas and helps strengthen joint muscles. Walking may decrease the risk of osteoporosis, it improves the pain and slows the progression of the disease. A study says walking can improve bone strength in your legs and spine and also reduces the risk of experiencing a hip fracture. Research shows that adults who walk at least 10 minutes a day can get rid of arthritis pain and also disability.


6. Improve your mood

Improve your mood

Everyone has mood swings and might feel low, do you even know you can just lite up your mood by walking for 10 minutes?  Everyone has 10 to 15 minutes to spare from their busy schedule so take a walk whenever you feel stressed or down and see how you feel better. A study says walking actually modifies your nervous system so much that you will experience a decrease in anger. How depressed you feel getting up and moving helps you shake off feelings of low energy, so take a walk with a partner or along with the music.


7. Lowers blood pressure, cholesterol

Lowers blood pressure, cholesterol

Nowadays everyone has blood pressure and cholesterol disease its been seen as very common. High blood pressure is related to serious conditions, such as heart disease and stroke. It needs to keep the blood pumping smoothly. Eventually, there is a reason walking is considered one of the best forms of exercise for heart health. Just walking for 30 minutes can lower the risk of heart disease and can also control the cholesterol level of the body.


8. Live longer

Live longer

That’s true walking can actually add some more years to your life. One study found that individuals who walk or do moderate exercise for 10 to 50 minutes lower the risk of death. Similar¬†longevity benefits are for individual who starts exercising in their 40s and 50s. Walking provides longer life benefit come from the cardiorespiratory workout. Living longer is enough reason to walk more.


9. It establishes a routine

It establishes a routine

Research says that it takes about 66 days to form any habit. It is very difficult for anyone to form a routine. Though walking is one of the best exercises to include in your daily routine to live a healthy life. Early in the morning walking will make you feel fresh and energized for the whole day.  After dinner, an small walk can be helpful as well.


10. Boost your brain power, enhance creativity

Boost your brain power, enhance creativity

It has been found in research, an individual walking one hour three times a week is good and takes decisions more efficiently. Walking improvised brain functions as it increases blood flow to the brain. If you are stuck at your work and not able to find any solution to the problem then just take a break and walk, it can freshen up the mood and make you feel less stressed and so you can get a better solution for the problem. A study also says that going for a walk can spark creativity.

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