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Azim Premji University and Foundation

Azim Premji University and Foundation. Who would have a question who is Azimji? Premji is the CEO of the Wipro company. He founded the Unversity for the help of the people.

Azim Premji foundation

Short introduction of Premji

Nationality: Indian.

Premji net worth is 660 crore USD (approx).

  • As he, is Ceo of Wipro, he donated Rs 1,125 crore for coronavirus in the name of Wipro.
  • The donation will be for the help of the treatment of the people, suffering from the coronavirus.
  • From that donation medical equipment, ventilators can be purchased.
  • when he donating 1,125, became the world, third-biggest donor.
He helps whenever the country is in difficulty.
  • Before he donated 50,000 crores to charity, which is 34 percent of the shares of his Wipro company.
  • The Premji foundation helps the education sector, recently Donated $21 billion.
  • Azimji’s focus is on the government schooling system.
  • Premji we definitely change the country, his vision is to educated.



  • He formed a university in Karnataka.
Under section 2F, the university is recognized by University Grants Commission (UGC).
  • The university is funded By, Azim Premji Foundation.
  • The purpose to establish the university was social and not for profit.
  • The university we rank at the top.


Azim Premji foundation began its work in early 2000 with elementary education in government schools in India.
The campus is big as it covers an area of 12 acres with audiovisual equipment.
The classrooms are equipped with Conference rooms with video conferencing facilities.
A large seminar hall, also there are sports facilities available for football, cricket, and basketball.

Where is Azim Premji University Bangalore?

What is addressed of the Premji University Bangalore?
The University is at  Sarjapur Attibele Road on the outskirts of Bangalore.
the student will bless with a permanent residence of the university spread over  80 acres.
After the construction of the first phase, it can accommodate 3800 students as well as 700 plus faculty staff.
In the future, it will be among the best universities in India.

What is the Postgraduate program at Azim University, Bangalore?

Currently, there are five postgraduate programs in the university for, M.A EDUCATION.
1) M.A Development.
2) M.A Economics.
3) M.A public policy.
4) Governance.
5) LL.M Law and development.

What are the Courses available for Azimi University?

Courses info:

3-year courses

  • BSC in Physics, Mathematics, and Biology
  • B.An in Economics and Humanities
4-year Courses
  • B.Sc B.E d
  •  Life science
  • Mathematics
  • Physical science

What is the email id of Azim Premji?


What will be the Carrer In Azim Premji Foundation?
Looking for the faculty in science, social studies, etc languages. ( HINDI/ENGLISH/KANNADA/TAMIL)
It will help to contribute towards the govt School.
ROLE: Teacher educator
DESIGNATION: Will based on the potential and experience
LOCATION: one of the institute you will be placed in the Rajasthan, Karnataka, Uttrakhand, Madhya Pradesh, and Puducherry

What QUALIFICATION AND EXPERIENCE required for the Azim Premji Foundation?

Should be professional in local language
A minimum of two years of experience is required.
Degree of Graduate or Post Graduate
In one of this subject (Mathematics, Science, Social studies )

What Skills And Attributes Required for Azim Premji Foundation?

There should be a passion for education.
  • Teamwork.
  • Commitment to quality in the work done.
  • Ready to travel within the district state.
There will be a vacancy at the university in the coming time.
You could get ready now by improving your skills and knowledge.
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