Best Coffee Shops in New Mexico

1. Beck’s Coffee House

Beck's Coffee House

If you are heading through the picturesque Mesilla Valley and find yourself in need of a cup of coffee, this brew house is the place to stop. They roast over 25 varieties of beans from around the globe and craft signature blends, in the City-Full City roast style. They have a friendly staff, great coffee, and comfortable seating.


2. Café Bella Coffee

Café Bella Coffee

The specialty craft coffee served is fair trade and organic, single origin, micro-lot, and locally roasted, and is the base of brewed and specialty drinks. You will fall in love with Café Arancione, an espresso shot, real orange, whip cream, or the peanut butter caramel latte. The environment is very calm and peaceful.


3. Humble Coffee Company

Humble Coffee Company

For coffee lovers looking to start their day off with some caffeine or those who prefer something sweet in the morning then you should definitely visit Humble Coffee Company. You will find extraordinary coffee, friendly service, and a thoughtfully designed, and relaxed space at Humble Coffee Company.


4. Zendo


Referring to itself as the finest neighborhood coffee shop Zendo has something for everyone. Coffee lovers will enjoy their tasty blends and modern coffee drinks. The menu comes with vegan options and other popular tastes you can appreciate while you sit inside the shop and enjoy the peaceful environment.


5. Michael Thomas Coffee Roasters

Michael Thomas Coffee Roasters

At Michael Thomas Coffee Roasters you can enjoy the taste of coffee, take it home with you, and learn how to make the perfect cup yourself. The baristas at this coffee shop pride themselves on making a memorable cup each time they brew. You can also take home a bag of their fresh beans.

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