Best Dog Jackets

The dog jackets for winter are versatile, easy to clean, and functional. Some varieties even have versions so you can match your dog every time you two head out. Sounds amazing, isn’t it?  Here are a few opinions for you to select the best dog jacket.

Best Dog Jackets

1. Mountain Pile Fleece

This fit definitely gives you and your pet everything in one jacket. The Mountain Pile Fleece is best selling jacket. They are made of warm sherpa fleece. The jacket has a hood that helps to protect the pet’s ears from cold. However, the jacket will provide extra warmth and coverage for cold, dry conditions. Mountain Pile Fleece even has a back pocket. This fleece comes in sizes small to extra-large.


2. Reflective All-Weather Waterproof Dog Coat by Funny Fuzzy

This is an amazing-designed dog coat, as it has everything. The Funny Fuzzy gave adjustable neck covering, harness, and leash holes. The dog coat has reflective material, waterproof coating, UV protection, and coverage down all four legs. This coat is 100 percent polyester and super comfy. The coat is machine washable and more it is fashionable.


3. Pet Puffer Jacket by Primary

Nowadays puffer jackets are on trend and you can even get them for your pet. Primary has some adorable jackets for your furry friend. They come in many colors like tangerine, cherry, slate blue, and spruce. These jackets are made with 100 percent recycled polyester and are windproof, water-repellent, and machine washable.

They have a high-quality fabric. Primary puffer jackets are lightweight and wind-resistant. The jacket has a small hole at the neck where a pet parent can easily attach a leash.


4. Tobi Fleece Varsity Jacket by Laelap New York

This brand has one of the cutest dog jackets. Tobi fleece is made from upcycled fabric scraps. The jacket is lined with faux fur and also has cotton sleeves. It comes in lavender or navy color. The jackets are available in five sizes and not to forget it is machine washable.


5. Kuoser Reversible Plaid Dog Vest

This dog vest is quite cozy. Kuoser Reversible Plaid Dog Vest can keep your furry friend warm this winter. The quilted polyester solid color side is waterproof. They are cotton plaid, which gives a warm feeling. It comes in many colors. Kuoser dog vests have seven sizes. This dog vest can protect the dog from wind, rain, and cold temperatures.


6. Lands’ End Reflexive Dog Vest

Here comes something different dog vest. So this is a Lands jecket, that has reflexive paneling at the side and a reflective logo up front. The vest has a wind- and water-resistant shell, that will keep the pet warm. It even has a hook and loop to attach a leash. The vest is made of 100% polyester. Pet parents can even size it up to layer it over another coat to keep it extra toasty.


7. Eco Packable Jacket by Maxbone

This jacket will be amazing for heading for some vacations. It happens when you head out while it’s sunny and the temperature drops, at that time this Eco Packable Jacket by Maxbone can be ideal. The jacket comes in a variety and is very comfortable for your pets. It is machine washable.


8. Carhartt Firm Duck Insulated Dog Chore Coat

Carhartt is a company that used to make durable gear for the rugged outdoors for decades and now they make dog coats. This dog chore coat is made of  100 percent ring-spun cotton, a quilted nylon interior, and corduroy trim. It has a water-repellent coating. The coat even has pockets.


9. Wilderdog Fleece Dog Jacket

This is a fleece jacket, it is from the brand Wilderdog. The jacket provides extra warmth and protection with an adjustable neck gator and quick-drying feature. It has adjustable hind leg loops. If you purchased one make sure to wash on the gentle cycle.


10. Dog Helios Full-Bodied Adjustable Dog Jacket

This dog Jacket is meant to withstand the harshest weather conditions possible. The jacket is incredibly durable and machine-washable. Its breathable fleece keeps dogs warm, while the jacket-covered zipper on top prevents cold air or rain from sneaking in. The jacket has a small hole for leashes. It is available in Multiple Colors and Sizes.


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