Indoor Plants That Are Safe for Cats

Many plants are poisonous and can harm our lovely cats. So it is very much important to choose indoor plants that are safe and non-toxic for your fur pets. Here are some options for you that might become your fur baby’s favorite. 

1. Air Plants

Air Plants

Air plant is an excellent low-maintenance, pet-friendly, houseplant. All types of air plants are cat and dog-friendly. The amazing characteristic of an air plant is that it doesn’t need soil to grow. This plant grows in bright, indirect light. As it stays smaller than 12 inches. The air plant needs a quick soak in water about once a week. One can display the air plants in different ways.


2. African Violet

African Violet

African violets are the most popular flowering houseplants and they are one of the safe plants for pets. This plant grows well in low light and environmental conditions that people like such as moderate temperatures and average humidity. African violets come in a range of purple and pink shades.


3. Friendship Plant

Friendship Plant

The friendship plant is also known as Pilea involucrata. This plant is nontoxic for cats even if they take a bite of this plant’s fuzzy, crinkly leaves. The friendship plant grows in medium and low light. As this plant loves humidity. Pilea involucrata grows 12 inches taller.


4. Lipstick Plant

Lipstick Plant

These plants have blooms or flowers that look like lipstick tubes. As lipstick plants are beautiful, fun, and unique. These wonderful plants are safe for your cats. Lipstick plants grow in bright light. The plant grows up to 20 inches tall and likes to have consistently moist soil. Lipstick plants are easy to care plants.


5. Cast Iron Plant

Cast Iron Plant

The cast iron plants are safe for cats. This plant is also known as Aspidistra elatior. They are beautiful and can grow in just about any room of the house. This plant is an easy plant to care for. The cast iron plant prefers indirect sunlight to low light.


6. Bromeliad (Bromeliaceae)

Bromeliad (Bromeliaceae)

If you’re looking for some colorful plants which are even pet friendly then bromeliads are perfect. These plants are easy to maintain species. Bromeliads need only a bright window and a humid environment. The amazing part about this plant is that you can also get a variety of bromeliads that grow as soil-free epiphytes attached to a log. You can secure them to the log by using glue.

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