How to purchase UC in PUB G using Google Play Credit

Battlegrounds Mobile India is a portable game shooter game in which dependent upon 100 players take on in a conflict royale, a sort of huge scope sole survivor deathmatch where players battle to stay the last alive. Players can decide to enter the match solo, or as a little group of up to four.


Each coordinate beginnings with players dropping from a plane onto one of the six guides:

  1. Erangel
  2. Miramar
  3. Sanhok
  4. Vikendi
  5. Livik
  6. Karakin

The plane’s flight way across the guide shifts with each round, expecting players to rapidly decide the best ideal opportunity to launch and parachute to the ground. Players start with no stuff past tweaked clothing choices which don’t influence ongoing interaction. When they land on the ground, players can look through structures, phantom towns, and different locales to track down, vehicles, protective layer, and other hardware.


These things are procedurally dispersed all through the guide toward the beginning of a match, with specific high-hazard zones ordinarily having better gear. Completed players can be plundered to get their stuff too. Players can pick to play either from the main individual or third-individual viewpoint, each enjoying its own benefits and weaknesses in battle and situational mindfulness; however server-explicit settings can be utilized to compel all players into one point of view to take out certain benefits.

Like clockwork, the playable region of the guide starts to recoil down towards an irregular area, with any player got outside the protected region taking harm steadily, and in the long run, being disposed of in the event that the protected zone isn’t entered on schedule; in-game, the players see the limit as a shining blue divider that agreements after some time.


This outcomes in a more restricted guide, which thusly, expands the possibilities of experiences. Throughout the match, arbitrary locales of the guide are featured in red and besieged, representing a danger to players who stay around there. In the two cases, players are cautioned a couple of moments before these occasions, giving them an opportunity to migrate to somewhere safe and secure.


A plane will fly over different pieces of the playable guide sometimes indiscriminately, or any place a player utilizes a flare firearm, and drop a plunder bundle, containing things that are ordinarily hopeless during typical interactivity.


These bundles produce exceptionally noticeable red or yellow smoke, drawing intrigued players close to it and making further showdowns. By and large, a full round takes around 30 minutes.


Toward the finishing of each round, players gain in-game cash in view of their exhibition. The money can be utilized to buy in-game corrective things.


Similar to PUBG Mobile, Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) likewise offers a wide scope of interesting things, which the players can buy.

However, you need UC otherwise known as Unknown Cash to purchase things in the game. UC, for those ignorant, is the in-game money that the clients can use to purchase things like new skins, and Royale Pass, in addition to other things.

There are numerous ways of getting UC in BGMI, which we talked about widely in our different post –  Battlegrounds Mobile India UC buy. In any case, assuming you are thinking about how to get BGMI also known as PUBG UC for nothing, here’s a speedy aide on that.


The following are a couple of straightforward strides with which you can get UC in Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) for nothing.

  • First, you need to launch the game on your smartphone
  • From the homepage, select the UC option that comes with a ‘+’ sign


  • A list of UC s from which you can purchase as per your requirement.
  • Select the one you want to purchase and it will take you to the payment page.


  • Now you can see the Google Play Balance option.
  • Tap on the payment process and hit continue.
  • The process will be complete and the UCs will be transferred to your BGMI account.



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