Keiser University Flagship Residential Campus



At Keiser University Flagship Campus it is more than a place you get a degree. It is a place where students have a sense of belonging. It is a place where you can experience both educational and personal growth. The Department of Student Life serves to establish and promote a dynamic and purposeful student culture. The main object of the institute is to provide quality education to enhance individual performance and elevate professional standards through innovative training programs in varied disciplines, research, and extension activities.




The Flagship Campus offers an active campus life that includes a 100-acre site just minutes from the beach, beautiful golf courses, and a city bustling with culture and entertainment. At Keiser University Flagship campus, your college experience can extend far beyond the classroom. You will get facilities like Suite-style residence halls with 24-hour security, Wi-Fi, and cable TV access, Enjoy more than 20 NAIA athletic teams, club sports, and intramural activities either as a player or a fan, and The Greater Palm Beaches offer gorgeous tropical weather and access to outdoor activities, cultural events, and a vibrant social community.


Frequently Asked Questions

How big is Keiser University’s campus?

The 100-acre, residential Flagship Campus located at 2600 North Military Trail in West Palm Beach, Florida extends Keiser University’s educational offerings to over 100 degrees within the heart of South Florida.

Does Keiser University offer housing?

Keiser University – Latin American Campus offers two Residence Halls on campus and is committed to providing students with a residential experience.

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