Best Beaches in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is historically known as Ragusa. It is a city in southern Dalmatia, Croatia, by the Adriatic Sea. Dubrovnik was added to the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites for its outstanding medieval architecture and fortified old town in 1979. This place is popular for its beautiful walled Old Town and rich cultural heritage. The city’s amazing coastline has different beach options, from rugged ones surrounded by cliffs and rocky coves to secluded swimming spots with calm and clear waters.



Here are the Best Beaches in Dubrovnik

1. Kolocep Island

Kolocep is locally known as Kalamota. It is one of the three inhabited Elaphiti Islands situated near the city of Dubrovnik. The island has two villages Upper Celo and Lower Celo. Kolocep Island offers several beautiful sandy beaches and rocky ocean pools. Visitors can reach 20 minutes by boat from the city. This beach is smaller than other ones in Dubrovnik. You will find it less crowded. Visitors can enjoy swimming or just lounge and soak up the sun.


2. Banje Beach


Banje is one of the most popular beaches in Dubrovnik. Located on a short walk from Ploce Gate. This beach is the closest beach to the Old Town. The shore is made up of pebbles. It has clear water and calm with a big shallow area. Try out jet skis, kayaking, snorkeling, and much more, providing an excellent place for a great selection of activities and attractions. During summer the Banje beach gets crowded.


3. Uvala Lapad

Uvala Lapad is situated outside the Old Town. It is one of the most popular beaches and a great option. Visitors will get a sandy-pebbled shore, bright sun, and sea. They can also enjoy a waterslide, bars, and restaurants. There are even pebbled paths, numerous sunbeds, and excellent amenities. Visitors can enjoy Uvala Lapad on the hottest days too.


4. Copacabana

Copacabana is situated on the stunning Lapad peninsula. It is a half-moon-shaped, sandy-pebbled beach hugging the turquoise sea. Copacabana is known for parties, cocktails, fresh fruit smoothies, and private cabanas. Visitors can enjoy parachute boat rides, pedalos, jet skis, water chutes, and banana boats.


5. Pasjaca

Pasjaca is a small, hidden sand and gravel beach in the Konavle region, southern Croatia. This beach is regularly recognized as one of the best beaches in Europe. Cliffs of grey and red rocks surround Pasjaca with spots of green vegetation. Pasjaca offers beautiful scenery. To access Pasjaca Beach, you need to make your way through a small tunnel, creating an exciting adventure for all.


6. Dance Beach

Dance Beach is famous and a favorite among locals and tourists. The beach is tucked away down a small track, perfect for people who want privacy. There’s also the ancient church of Sv Marija near the beach, providing a great way to soak up some history. Dance Beach offers sunbathing terraces and beautiful turquoise waters. Its rocky shore provides a pretty place to relax.


7. Lokrum

Lokrum is an island in the Adriatic Sea. This island has several beach options for tourists offering sandy shores, crystal-clear seas, and a beautiful botanical garden filled with peacocks. Visitors can explore the Lokrum’s breathtaking coastline by kayak. There are many kayaking tours available. You can also check out the shallow lake in the center of Lokrum. A trip to Lokrum will leave you feeling refreshed, alongside providing a great alternative to the vibrant city of Dubrovnik.

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