The Best Beaches in Zadar

Zadar is historically known as Zara. It is the oldest continuously inhabited city in Croatia. Zadar offers beaches, national parks, museums, and historical monuments. This place even has heart-pumping water activities and amazing food. During summer Zadar is one of the most attractive spots for beaches.

There are countless beaches in the Zadar region, from sandy lagoons to pebble coves with crystal clear sea. This place is ideal for a getaway from brimming summer crowds and enjoying summer activities. Many of the Zadar beaches are awarded with the Blue Flag, a certificate for top sea quality and the best beach facilities. 


Here are the Top 7 Beaches in Zadar

1. Sotorisce beach, Silba Island


Sotorisce Beach offers unparalleled tranquillity and spectacular island bays with the crystalline sea. Visitors can take a boat tour to the island of the Captains. Can escape the summer crowds, on the carfree island of Silba. They can explore and enjoy the turquoise sea and white sandy seabed on one of the most beautiful beaches in the Zadar region. Sotorisce Beach provides a beach bar where visitors can relax with a glass of cold beer, or cocktails or grab a quick bite of local street food.


2. Queens beach, Nin

Queens Beach near Nin is one of the most famous sandy beaches in the Zadar region. It is located only 15 kilometers from Zadar’s city center. Queens Beach is among the most spectacular beaches. On this beach, visitors can find a vast sandy bay, charming beach bars, and a spectacular vista on Mt. Velebit. They can try and enjoy jet skis, water skiing, or kite surfing.


3. Slatina Bay Olib Island

Olib Island is a sandy beach in Zadar. It is known as the Adriatic king of beaches. At Olib Island you will have trouble deciding which bay is more stunning. However, Slatina Bay is one of the most spectacular lagoons in the Zadar region. This bay is only accessible by boat tour. Visitors will have privacy because thick pine trees surround the bay.


4. Lojena beach, Levrnaka island

Lojena beach, Levrnaka island

Lojena Beach is accessible only by boat tour. This stunning beach is located on the island of Levrnaka on the Kornati islands. It is one of the most secluded beaches in the Zadar region. The amazing fact about this place is that only local experts know about this breathtaking beach. At Lojena Beach visitors can enjoy snorkeling with various fish species in the crystalline sea.


5. Sakarun beach, Dugi Otok

Sakarun Beach is recognized as one of the most beautiful European beaches. This amazing beach offers boat trips and sunbathing. Visitors can enjoy the turquoise sea, and lush pine forest surrounding this Eden-like place. Sakarun Beach also has various aquatic activities on the Adriatic beach with a Caribbean flair. This beach is ideal for families with kids.


6. Zrce beach, Novalja, Pag Island

Zrce Beach is also known as Croatian Ibiza. This long rugged is an unmatched party place amongst all beaches in Zadar. Visitors can enjoy swimming, jet skiing, bungee jumping, water skiing, parasailing, and working out at a beach gym. The bonus side is the magnificent view of Mt. Velebit which gives this place an otherworldly atmosphere. However, Zrce Beach is a place where clubs work 24/7 and is known for its nightlife.


7. Kolovare Beach, Zadar

Kolovare Beach is the oldest and the most famous beach in Zadar. This beach is accessible by car or bus. You can enjoy watching swimming practices and crazy jumps from the famous jumping platform. Kolovare Beach has a refreshing sea and a pebbled coastline, where numerous cafes are on the beach. This is a calm beach, making it perfect for swimming, and several water-based activities like paddle boarding, jet-skiing, sailing, and diving. Kolovare Beach has been awarded the Blue Flag award, a symbol of the quality and purity of the sea.


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