How Media Affect your Kids and what you can do about it

1. What Families Can Do In this digital age, it’s important for kids to develop media-literacy skills. Parents, Relatives, and Teachers should help their kids to take a good message from the media. Your child can learn many new things if you teach them properly. Due to advanced technology, there are many options and opportunities … Read more

Top 6 Makeup Brands

1) MAC MAC Cosmetics is a Canadian cosmetics manufacturer which was founded in Toronto, Canada in the year 1984 by Frank Angelo and Frank Toskan. MAC is the most trusted brand of makeup professionals and sells its products in over 120 countries. The company’s headquarters is in New York City. MAC’s annual turnover is over … Read more

7 Things You Don’t Know About BMW

1) BMW Originally Manufactured Aircraft Engines BMW is a German multinational manufacturer of luxury vehicles and motorcycles. But this was not the original purpose of the company. When the company was founded it manufactured engines for planes. During World War I there was a huge demand for engines for warplanes. The BMW 003 was the … Read more

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