The Best Beaches on Korcula Island

Korcula is blessed with numerous beautiful hidden bays, pebble beaches, and a clear blue sea. These beaches provide plenty of opportunities to swim and snorkel. Korcula Island’s southern part has mainly sand beaches, often nestled in isolated bays. While the northern side tends to be more shallow and flat. However, Korcula has secluded coves to long stretches of sandy shoreline, there’s a beach here to suit every taste.


Here are the Best Beaches on Korcula Island

1. Bacva Bay, Pupnat

Bacva Bay, Pupnat

Bacva Bay is close to Korcula town and Lumbarda. It is located near the vicinity of the village of Pupnat. This small pebble bay with clear waters is beautiful. It is comfortable to lie on the pebble beach. Visitors can hire sun loungers at the Bay restaurant. You can even head to Pupnat which is located about 13 km from Korcula. There is also a large house available to rent in Bacva Bay.


2. Zitna, Zavalatica

This pretty little beach can be found close to the village of Zavalatica. This pebble beach allows the visitor to swim and snorkel in the warm azure water. Zitna Beach has Zitna is an amazing blend of blues and greens colors. The sea bed is mostly sandy, although the beach is pebble. There is a small car park for the beach. Note that there are no amenities at the beach, You can get them from a supermarket in Zavalatica. Zitna Beach even has a holiday house, where you can stay.


3. Korcula Archipelago

Korcula Archipelago is a Croatian island in the Adriatic Sea. It lies off the coast between Korcula Town and Lumbarda. There are 20 tiny islets known as the Skoji Islets. You can take a water taxi or hire a boat and take a trip to one of these delightful islets. Enjoy the archipelago boat trip. The amazing thing is that there are restaurants located on each of the main islets.


4. Vaja, Racisce

This white pebble beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Korcula. It’s a typical Croatian pebble beach and is about a 15 – 20 minutes walk from Racisce. This beach is a little tricky to reach. It is less busy than some of the most popular. Visitors can explore a stunning bay made up of bright white pebbles and blue, inviting waters. They can enjoy snorkeling. There is a small shack bar for refreshments or to rent sun umbrellas.


5. Pupnatska Luka, Pupnat

Pupnatska Luka Beach is one of the most impressive bays on the island. It is a beautiful & deep pebble beach located a few kilometers from the village of Pupnat. Visitors can reach this place by car. This is a family-friendly beach. You can get restaurants selling grilled meats, seafood, fish, salads,  and more snack-style food. Pupnatska Luka offers kayaks, sun loungers, and umbrellas.


6. Proizd Beach

This beach is located on Proizd Island. It is a delight with beautiful turquoise blue watercolors and top water quality. Proizd Beach has been several times rewarded as one of the best beaches in Croatia. The beautiful island is uninhabited, there is only one restaurant. Proizd Island is the resort of Vela Luka. Visitors can even spot dolphins during the trip. Proizd Beach offers crystal clear sea, sparkling white pebbles, and air rich in the soothing fragrance of Mediterranean vegetation.


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