The Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Italy

Some of the most beautiful places in Italy are also regarded as the most beautiful in the world. The main reasons for tourist attractions in Italy are culture, cuisine, history, fashion, architecture, art, religious sites and routes, wedding tourism, naturalistic beauties, nightlife, underwater sites, and spas. Let’s look at some of the most beautiful and under-the-radar places in Italy to book your next vacation.


Here are the Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Italy

1. Chianti Country

Chianti Country

Chianti in Italy is also referred to as Monti del Chianti or  Colline del Chianti. It is a mountainous area of Tuscany in the provinces of Florence, Siena, and Arezzo, composed mainly of hills and mountains. This place is known for the wine produced in and named for the region, Chianti. It is one of the best spots in the country for an afternoon drive, with cypress-lined roads, and past rolling green hills and golden fields dotted with sunflowers.


2. Dolomites


Dolomites are also known as the Dolomite Mountains. It is located in northeastern Italy. Dolomites were declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2009. This place has many other regional parks including  Dolomiti Bellunesi National Park. This mountainous space is renowned for skiing in the winter months. The visitors can also explore mountain climbing, hiking, cycling, BASE jumping, paragliding and hang gliding.


3. La Maddalena, Sardinia

La Maddalena is a town located on the islands of the Maddalena archipelago in the province of Sassari, northern Sardinia, Italy. It is the most beautiful village. The powdery sands are part of the appeal of this archipelago off the Costa Smeralda. The place is famous for the local goat cheeses, Vermentino whites, and legs of prosciutto.


4. Gran Paradiso National Park

Gran Paradiso National Park is an Italian national park in the Graian Alps. It was Italy’s first national park. The park includes animal species like ibex,  ermine, weasel, hare, Eurasian badger, alpine chamois, and wolf. It also has more than 100 bird species. However, the park supports many species of butterflies including apollos, peak whites, and southern white admirals. One can enjoy hiking trails, pristine glacial lakes, and the occasional wild ibex sighting.


5. Capri

Capri is an island in the  Tyrrhenian Sea off the Sorrento Peninsula. Since the Roman time, the island has been a resort. This island attracts visitors with its hidden caves, rugged cliffs, and stunning views. Capri is by far Italy’s most glamorous and dramatic island. The visitors can head for Augustus Gardens and gaze out at the best of Capri laid before. This place has from the iconic Faraglioni rocks settled in the azure Mediterranean to the scent of the island’s many flowers, it’s like sensory overload.


6. Piazza San Carlo, Turin

Piazza San Carlo was previously known as Piazza Reale. It is one of the main city squares in Turin, Italy. Turin place is considered Italy’s most elegant city because of the baroque buildings and grand old coffee shops lining the central Piazza San Carlo. If you are visiting Piazza San Carlo make sure to hold by Caffe Torino to enjoy a negroni alongside painted murals and gilded mirrors. 


7. Duomo di Milano, Milan

Duomo di Milano is also referred to as Milan Cathedral. It is the cathedral church of Milan, Lombardy, Italy. Which was dedicated to the Nativity of St. Mary The cathedral took over six centuries to complete. Its construction began in 1386, while the final details were completed in 1965. Duomo di Milano is the largest church in the Italian Republic. The magnificent white Gothic cathedral has 3,500 statues than any other in the world. About two-thirds of the statues are placed on its gargoyle-lined roof, alongside 135 spires. The roof is open to tourists, allowing viewing of some spectacular sculptures. The visitors can climb the 150 steps to the roof to enjoy spectacular views over the city.


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